Upgrade Your Commercial Grow with Grow Dots

If you’re tired of the daily grind of mixing and measuring nutrients… Frustrated with high costs and wasted labor… Meet Grow Dots, by Real Growers Inc. – the easiest way to feed your high- value cannabis plants.

Say Goodbye to Daily Nutrient Hassles

Traditional nutrient schedules are a headache. They require constant attention, precise measurements, and lots of labor. One mistake can lead to nutrient burn or lockout, costing you time and money. Grow Dots simplify everything.

A Better Way to Feed Your Plants

Grow Dots are a programmed-release fertilizer, designed specifically for cannabis growers. Apply them once, at the beginning of your veg cycle, and that’s it. Just 75 grams of Grow Dots will feed your plants all the way to harvest. No more daily mixing. No more constant monitoring.

Unmatched Cost Efficiency

  • Save Money: Traditional nutrients cost $12 to $18 per plant. Grow Dots cost just $1.85 per plant.
  • Save Time and Labor: A single application at the start of the veg cycle feeds your plants throughout their life cycle. No daily feeding needed.

How Grow Dots Work

Grow Dots use advanced polymer coatings to release the right nutrients at the right time:

  • Vegetative Stage: High Nitrogen for robust leafy growth in veg.
  • Bloom Stage: Steady release of potassium and phosphorus for strong blooms.

Proven Technology

While new to some, Grow Dots use proven technology that large-scale farmers have trusted for over a decade. With hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and, you can trust Grow Dots to deliver.

For Indoor and Outdoor Grows

Whether you grow indoors or out, we’ve got you covered.

  • Grow Dots Classic Formula: 16-week Grow Cycle. 4-6 weeks veg. Up to 10 weeks Bloom.
  • Grow Dots Classic Formula: 20-week Grow Cycle. 8-10 weeks veg. Up to 10 weeks Bloom.

Special Offer for Commercial Growers

Sign up for a Commercial Growers account and get a 40% discount on 30-pound buckets of Grow Dots. Each bucket feeds up to 180 plants for just $330 – that’s only $1.85 per plant.

Join the Revolution

Upgrade your growing process with Grow Dots. Simplify your nutrient management, save money, and boost your yields.

Contact us today to set up your Commercial Growers account and start saving today.

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